Fire Pois

Set of Monkey Fist Fire Poi


Set of Ultimate Braid Snake Poi Set of Ultimate Braid Snake Poi Set of Ultimate Braid Snake Poi

Spectacular balls of rope WICK in a monkey fist knot. Low Surface area to volume ratio and excellent capillary effect for fuel traveling within the rope and to all edges makes this our longest burning poi set by a long way. Produces huge comet flames.

Smooth twisted oval link welded chains.
Can be changed to Ball chain if Preferred. Just Mention it in the Notes when ordering.


  • Total 16ft (4800mm) of 3/8inch (10mm) KEVLAR rope wicking
  • High temperature resistance WICKing at 650 deg.
  • Strong diagonal weave.
  • Excellent edge wear resistance
  • Heat resisting stainless steel eyebolt
  • 2.5inches (60mm) diameter ball
  • Heads weight: 440gm/pair
  • Chains weight: 250g/pair
  • 3mm diameter NPS (nickel plated steel) oval twist chain.
  • Free FIRE safety guide, fuel information, how to light and extinguish tools, and tips on use.
  • Standard length of chain (60cm) suits most people from fingers to underarm, but if you require a different length, please mention the size in the comments when ordering.
Set of Monkey Fist Fire Poi








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