Fire Pois

Set of 100mm Fire Poi


Fire Poi Fire Poi

A larger FIRE head with ball chain cord and choice of double loop or single loop nylon handles.

Kinkless ball chain cords allow easy untangling when things go wrong.
Safer thermal resistant and flame reflective chains, reduces harmful heat transfer burns.
Stainless Steel parts will never rust.
Long life wicking.
Quality quick links also allow GLOW sticks and sparklers to be attached. Each FIRE head has 2ft
(600mm) of thick KEVLAR WICK screwed to core for easy replacment.

  • Double or Single loop handles
  • 5/16" (8mm) diameter kinkless Stainless steel ball chain. 120lb Strength
  • 2 ft (600mm) of 100 x 1/8 inch kevlar/glass tape screwed over aluminium core
  • Standard length of chain (60cm) suits most people from fingers to underarm, but if you require a different length, please mention the size in the comments when ordering.
Set of 100mm Fire Poi





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