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The Pixie Poi Book


The Pixie Poi Book
The Pixie Poi Book
by Bec and Elke (Fire poi)


A quick and easy introduction book to the art of poi.

What you'll find in this 28 page booklet:

  • Things to try with one hand
  • Forward figure-8, Horizontal figure 8, alternate figure 8's to the side, horizontal alternating figure 8's
  • Two handed moves
  • Forward skipping
  • Butterfly
  • Weave
  • split time
  • backward
  • simple turns
  • cross-over
  • horizontal "follow the leader"
  • giant butterfly combination

The patterns in this booklet are in no way a representative of traditional Maori poi - nor do they come close to representing in full what is being done by more advanced poi twirlers. This is an introduction text to get you started. It outlines 12 distinct patterns as well as quite a few tips on variations, so that you may begin exploring the world of poi twirling.




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